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Tempting a Proper Lady - Debra Mullins Captain Samuel Breedlow had returned home after being missing for nearly two years to find his fiancee announcing her engagement to another man, a man he hates, the Earl of Raventhorpe. As he storms forward to announce that Annabelle is his fiancee, Priscilla Burke sees her future as wedding planner to the ton going up in smoke. She tries to dissuade Samuel but he know the true nature of the Earl, after all, it was he who left Samuel for dead on a deserted island. Samuel finally leaves the party but not without giving a few glances to the lovely Cilla.Cilla has her own reasons for her first wedding as the wedding planner to go off without a hitch. She needs the income that the position would give her as her husband has passed away and she refuses to marry again, as she was burned badly by her husband. So when Samuel comes to her and proposes that they stop this wedding, she is appalled. But Samuel persists and is able to show some of the true evil colors (really low, vile things) of Raventhorpe to Cilla. Cilla realizes she must help Samuel as she cannot allow her friend to marry this villain so she proposes a plan to Samuel...he will teach her the ways to please a man so she may become a mistress if her wedding planner job falls through.I very much enjoyed this book. Watching the attraction turn from lust to love was very well done (and quite steamy!). There is a wonderful set of secondary characters that add just enough to the story without overpowering it but leave you ready for more of their stories. (And I am happy to see that Samuels friend, John Ready is the hero for the next book, Too Wicked to Love.) Overall, this is a good romance book with a bit of intrigue and suspense to help it move along but not overwhelm the storyline of two people who are not looking for love but finding it anyways. This was my first Debra Mullins book and I will be looking for more! 4 stars

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