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The Runaway Countess - Leigh LaValle Mazie Chetwyn has gone and gotten herself captured. She is not innocent of the crime of thievery brought against her but as she she has a connection to the mysterious Midnight Rider, she is not sent straight to the gaols. However, she refuses to divulge any clues as the whereabouts of the notorious highwayman as she has a close, personal connection to the man. Mazie also believes that they are just correcting the wrongs inflicted upon the tenants of the Earl of Radford. Unfortunately, the Earl does not quite see it that way.Trent Chadwick, Earl of Radford and Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamsire, believes in the law and to enforce it as such. There is no grey area, just black and white. He is stunned by Mazie's accusations against his fathers treatments of the tenants but she is able to plant the seed of suspicion just enough that he starts to notice some clues that eventually reveal a painful secret. But when the truth of Mazie's past also comes to light, he is forced to alter his plans. Even as the attraction burns between Trent and Mazie, Mazie can not fully trust Trent with the secret of the Midnight Rider. Will she follow her heart and be able to trust Trent or will her pride cost her a chance at pure happiness finally after years of disappointment?Another debut and yet another winner in my book! Leigh LaValle has delivered an intriguing twist on the 'Robin Hood' tale with The Runaway Countess. It grabs you from the first page and for the most part, never lets go. It starts out strong but the middle was a bit slow for me--I just wanted Mazie to tell the truth finally or for the Midnight Rider to return...something...but then the action quickly picks back up and I was engrossed with the book until the end. Watching the smoldering attraction between the couple...phew! But underneath the passion you can see the love growing...albeit a bit reluctantly on both sides. I enjoyed watching Trent come to grips with his father's deception as it wars greatly with Trent's sense of justice. I do wish Mazie could have trusted Trent with the truth before she did but I really felt the situation as a whole was resolved very well. The banter and barbs between Mazie and Trent add in just a touch of humor which is always appreciated! The secondary characters add a nice layer without overshadowing the main story (I do hope Trent's sister Cat is going to have a story though!). Overall, a fantastic debut and another author to add to my must-buy list! For an exciting retelling of Robin Hood, mixed with humor and a generous amount of steaminess and action, please grab The Runaway Countess and settle in for a delicious treat! 4 starsI received a copy of the ebook from the author, thanks!

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