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What Happens in Scotland - Jennifer McQuiston What a delightfully enjoyable debut! If you enjoy the lighter fare in your romance, with wit, charm, and sizzle Jennifer McQuiston has done a wonderful job with her debut! When Lady Georgette Thorold, who acts a proper lady at all times, wakes up to a mysterious man in an unknown inn she knows something terribly wrong has happened! Smacking the large, very attractive, man on the head with the chamber pot, she escapes and learns the awful truth...that man is her husband. As more and more pieces are uncovered about that wild night, she knows she needs to find James McKenzie and get this marriage annulled as she will never be under a mans control again after her disastrous first marriage. When she finally meets up with James again she faces a new problem though. James thinks her a thief and a liar and together they strive to uncover the truth as both of their memories are a bit foggy from that night. Will this unlikely couple make this sham of a marriage real?This is my favorite type of book..light, with just a touch of drama, an enjoyable, fun romance. Georgette is a strong, confident woman that is thankful to finally be free of any man but when she finds herself tied to this burly Scotsman, she has to rethink what has happened. James brings out a whole new side to her... opinionated and bold and he finds himself drawn to both sides of her. James is proud and after a falling out with his family, he has striven to put his shameful past behind him and make a name for himself as a solicitor. I loved how Georgette was able to help him mend the fences with his family. Watching this unlikely couple find true love together was a joy to read and even though it happened all over the span of one day, it worked for me. A truly wonderful debut and a new author that I am looking forward to more from soon! 4 solid starseARC provided by Avon Books via edelweiss

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