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Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks I have come to expect a tender, sweet, sexy, tear inducing romance when I read a highlander book from Maya Banks and she does it yet again with Highlander Most Wanted! Genevieve McInnes was on her way to her betrothed when she was captured and held prisoner by the vile Ian McHugh for a year. Her family thinks she is dead and when she is finally free, she thinks it is best to let them think that rather than bring shame from her scars and the way Ian treated her. She is broken emotionally and treated like dirt from the clan and hopes that the Montgomerys and Armstrongs will give her refuge away from the cruelty. Bowen Montgomery seizes the clan that dare capture is sister in law and is struck by how cruel the clan is to one slip of a lass. When Genevieve tells her whole story he is unsure what to due, especially when she divulges her part in the capture of his sister in law. He finds himself falling hard for the spirited, brave lass and knows that he needs her in his life, even if it means falling out with his clan due to her actions. Sigh. Such a lovely story yet at the same time, a heart breaking one. Genevieve's treatment is the worst sort and how she survived as long as she did took true strength. I loved the way Bowen became her champion and showed her how she deserved to be cherished above all, that her scars are a badge of honor and not a way to repulse him. I loved the strong family interaction and the way Bowen deals with Genevieve and her family situation brought tears to my eyes. Yes, it was a bit easy but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I also enjoyed how the pacing was a bit different in this one...the action on the battlefield is earlier than I expected and then it just focuses on Genevieve and Bowen which was a bit unexpected. We get a nice glimpse of the upcoming couple for the next book and that story looks to be good! I hope Ms Banks is writing more in this series are there are still unattached brothers and a sister that need attention :) A strong setting, a strong attraction and a strong sense of honor with a nice dash of heat are all wrapped up wonderfully in this romance. I can not wait for more Highlanders from Maya Banks!! 4 1/2 starseARC provided by Ballatine Books via netgalley

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