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Winning a Bride (Bridal Favors, #2.5) - Jade Lee This was a charming, sexy delight of a novella! Jade Lee has penned a romance that was heartfelt and fun to read. William Benton has become the steward to his families land after it was lost due to his fathers mistakes and it is hard for Will, at times, to let the past go. He wants his families land back but knows his elder brother has no means to purchase it back so he comes up with a new the new owners daughter, Josephine. A woman whom he thinks to be a bit haughty and out of his reach. Yet during some nightly interludes he comes to find that Jo is kind, generous and a lady worth fighting for. A lady worth more than some land. He just needs to convince her and her father of this fact. Jo is the perfect woman to help him realize that there is more to life than titles and land and find his true worth. She is a bit wild and unpredictable and finds herself going a bit mad from the pressure of her life, from the man he father has arranged to marry her to finding the calm she needs to have in Will. Filled with heat, banter, emotion and an interesting look at some history of the canals and how they are built, this romance is sure to make you grab more by Jade Lee. 4 starseARC provided by Sourcebooks via Netgalley

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