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The Trouble With Being a Duke - Sophie Barnes Isabella Chilcott has dreamed of going to the Kingsborough Ball since she was a girl watching the fireworks from her bedroom and with the passing of the duke, the ball has been on hold for a few years. With the announcement that it will resume, Isabella knows she must attend before she is married to the stuffy man her parents have picked for her. She dons a beautiful gown stuffed away in the attic and sneaks in and captures the attention of the new duke, Anthony. Even knowing that Isabella snuck in he finds himself captivated by this vibrant, cheerful woman and when she slips away his only clue in finding her whereabouts is a drawing they had done together and also the fact that someone recognized her gown as one that has been missing. Taking these pieces he attempts to find the woman that has captured his heart in a glance but when he finds out the truth, will he be able to overcome all the objections, especially when a jealous lady spreads vicious lies?The start of Sophie Barnes newest series is a feel-good, happy romance and I was very charmed by it. This was a delightful spin on one of my favorite fairy tales, Cinderella and I loved how all the pieces fit together but were a bit fresh from what I have read before. Isabella adores reading and finding her own happily-ever-after but the man her parents have chosen for her will help the family financially (as they are struggling) but he does not inspire her or treat her with the respect she deserves. Meeting Anthony changes everything but she knows he is well above her class station and that they can not have a future, no matter how much Anthony says that they can. Her mother has very strong feelings against the aristocracy and this adds some weight to the story. I did feel like her parents refusal to even consider the duke as a suitor was overdone but as the story unfolded, it made sense. Anthony had been feeling the weight of all his responsibilities following his beloved fathers death and meeting Isabella makes him feel happy again, the desire to have fun resurfaces and his load feels lifted with Isabellas sense of humor and forgiving nature. Stolen kisses, vengeful peers and a strong family bond complete this romance and one scene in the book will leave you very anxious to read the next book in this series and find out what else happens at the Kingsborough Ball. This book made me smile, laugh and sigh which is what all of Sophie Barnes charming romances make me do! 4 starsReview copy provided by author

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