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The Importance of Being Wicked

The Importance of Being Wicked - Miranda Neville Caroline Townsend is dealing with the death of her husband and trying to find a way to pay all the debts left behind and with her generous nature, she finds it hard to turn away her late husbands artistic, struggling friends. A bright spot is the arrival of her dear cousin, Anne who is coming to meet her potential fiance, Thomas, Duke of Castleton. It quickly becomes clear that this proper man, or Lord Stuffy as Caro comes to call him, will not suit for Anne and does not fit in with Caro's more carefree lifestyle...but the attraction between Thomas and Caro is there and hard to ignore. When Caro attempts to settle on of her larger debts, Thomas is there to sweep her away and this forces a change in their relationship. However, Thomas needs to marry for money so how can he throw away the chance to marry for money (Anne) for the chance to marry for love and passion (Caro)? Will he choose duty or love? Will Caro be able to find a balance for her feelings for Thomas, a balance between proper and free?What a fun, sexy, enjoyable easy read! I really like to read a good book sometimes without major conflict, without loads of action and with feelings expressed without having to pull teeth and I felt Miranda Neville delivered with this one. Caro is a spirited, kind, loving and a wonderful teacher to Thomas about all things wicked! Thomas is the perfect, proper, stuffy gentleman who knows his duty but can see importance to learning all things wicked. I did feel like the story was a bit slow in the beginning but it really picked up for me half way through and I finished it in one sitting to see how it all played out. I think the reason it was a bit slow for me was all the other characters are introduced for the upcoming stories and it detracted from the romance blooming a bit. However, by the end I loved how the author weaved in just enough tidbits about the upcoming stories that I am very anxious for them now as they all look quite scandalous! I enjoyed watching Thomas go through a slew of emotions of his feelings for Caro but how he never backed down once he made up his mind, even when some secrets from his mothers past is revealed. Caro also stayed true to her feelings once she realized them and this was a nice surprise for me as I was worried she would be a bit flighty in that regard. And even though this is a very easy read, there is a touch of heartbreak that had me heart sinking that adds just a bit of drama. Art collecting isn't really my interest but it was touched just enough on without overwhelming the storyline. Overall, a smashing start to a new series that I thoroughly enjoyed. 4 starseARC provided by Avon Books via edelweiss

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