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Lessons from a Scandalous Bride: Forgotten Princesses

Lessons from a Scandalous Bride: Forgotten Princesses - Sophie Jordan Miss Cleopatra Hadley grew up impoverished with her mother and stepfather and has just delivered yet another stillborn babe to be buried when she vows to never be at the mercy of a man, never let her body betray her. When her birth father suddenly appears in her life, she goes with him in exchange for enough money to keep her mother and all her siblings in a decent life. A bit of time passes and Cleo has begun a campaign to wed a doddering old earl, in part to please her father with the English title he so wants in his family but more since she knows her marriage will unlikely be consummated. Her plans go awry though when a Scottish man appears and tempts her body and her heart. With the threat of harm coming to her siblings if she does not marry and pay more money quickly and a jealous nephew also at her neck, how can Cleo let go of the past to embrace a happy future?Lord Logan McKinney needs to marry an heiress quickly to help his family and his falling down castle. He had decided on a lady, and while she will do, she does not stir his blood like the delightful Cleo. Once he meets Cleo, he knows she is the one for him. Convincing Cleo that the attraction that burns between them proves to be very difficult but Logan uncovers the clues surrounding Cleo's instance of a loveless marriage and takes steps to protect her and her family. But when circumstances force the couple together before Cleo is ready to let Logan in, can Logan find a way to show Cleo that love is possible as well respect or will Cleo's fear override her heart until it is too late?Oh, what a delightful, witty, sexy book! The attraction between Cleo and Logan just leaps off the pages! But I admired Cleo for standing firm with her beliefs and also with her knowledge that she was soon to be engaged to another man. She refuses to let herself fall for a man, just to be used physically and emotionally as she can not stand the toll it has taken on her poor mother and wants to do whatever she can to provide for them, even if it means sacrificing her happiness. The beginning of this story is very sad and sets up Cleo wonderfully. Her dedication to her family and to herself was a delight to read and I loved when Logan arrived and upended all her careful plans. Cleo continues to push Logan away and that got a bit tiring at times but Logan was persistent and was the perfect man to break down her defenses. I loved the epilogue, it brought happy tears to my eyes, but I would have liked to have seen more resolved with Cleo family situation and I also thought her change of heart was just a tad abrupt. The ending is fast paced and exciting and I breezed through this book and was disappointed that I had to let go of these characters already! Overall, a wonderful romance that is sure to make you smile, laugh, sigh and cheer. 4 starsReview copy provided by Avon through

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