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What a Wicked Earl Wants

What a Wicked Earl Wants - Vicky Dreiling The start of Vicky Dreiling's new series is fun, sexy and romantic! Laura Davenport is worried when she receives a letter from her stepson's guardian, a man who has taken no interest in her stepson in years. When he suddenly shows up to take him away, she panics and informs him she in engaged and the man has taken a personal interest in her stepson's upbringing. Andrew Carrington, Earl of Bellingham, never imagined that his good deed of returning a flask being used by a wayward lad would get him engaged. Yet seeing the desperation of Laura, and the way the guardian treats her, his protective nature kicks in and he plays along with the charade. What he doesn't count on his Laura and her stepson becoming like a family to him, the one thing he will not have in his life again after the sudden death of his own family. When circumstances change, his gentlemanly nature comes back into force but Laura is not sure she wants what he offers...she wants more. Will Bell be able to find the words to express his true feelings before Laura is gone for good?Laura and Bell's romance was a fun journey to read. I really adored Andrew. He was haughty and blunt but that was all due to the fact he was afraid to let himself fall in love again because he didn't want to lose those he loved again, like his mother, father and brother. When he realized he had recreated a family with Laura, he, of course, reacts badly. He knows Laura needs to be needed and he is not sure he can do that for her. The romance grows from a friendship into something more and is very sigh-worthy. I liked how Laura's stepson is very much part of the story and hopefully we will see his own story someday, after he grows up a bit more. Bell's two friends add a bit more humor to the story and I also look forward to their stories and them growing up a bit as they seemed just a dash immature yet for me. Overall, a delicious start to a sexy, witty new series! 4 starseARC provided by Forever via netgalley

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