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His Contract Bride

His Contract Bride - Rose Gordon Regina Harris falls in love with Edward Banks at first glance and when a year later, he asks her father for her hand in marriage, she is elated as he obviously felt the connection the few moments they were together. She goes into her marriage with a full heart and a strong desire to please Edward and help him in any way she can and if thats helping with with his scientific findings, that is what she will do. Her world comes crashing down when she learns the truth of their marriage--it was an arrangement, Edward does not love her. Edward waits for Regina to blow up at him and he feels he deserves it for not telling her the truth right away, but Regina just gets quiet and puts up a wall. She strives to due all her wifely duties but it becomes apparent that their entire relationship has changed and it is up to Edward to fix it. What follows is a discovery not only for Edward but for Regina as well and watching this couple brought together by a contract fall in love with each other is a delight to read!I just adored Edward! I always love a scientific nerd and he is a good one but I admired him for trying to fix his mistake with Regina and all the ways he goes about doing so. He really tries to maker Regina happy for herself and only herself as her father and brother certainly never cared. All her father wants from her is a better place in society as he has no title and now that Regina has one, he expects too much from her. Regina just cowers to him in the beginning but with Edwards help, she finally is able to stand up for herself and I was there cheering her on! Regina has no problem speaking her mind to Edward so it was a relief to see her find the courage to stand up to her father. I usually do not like stories built on a misunderstanding but this one was very well done and the secret was laid out fairly early on so it became a story of redemption instead. What was also unique about this novel is that Edward was not a rake and no intention of being one, I feel it is always nice to read a story without the rake sometimes, without someone so skilled in the bedroom. It was also nice to not have an underlining mystery, it is really just about Regina and Edward and family relationships. A lovely story of young love, redemption, discovery with humor and smarts. 4 stars

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