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Whisper Falls (Destiny, #3)

Whisper Falls (Destiny, #3) - Toni Blake This is the third book in Toni Blakes Destiny series and a wonderful addition to an already wonderful series. This time around we meet Lucky, the long lost bad ass brother of Mike (Sugar Creek) who took off right after high school without looking back or telling anyone where he was going. He has returned to Destiny for a reason, a spoiler so I don't want to reveal it, and is trying to turn his life around after being in a bad motorcycle gang and leaving that and residing in Milwaukee (love when WI pops up in a book!) trying to blend in and escape. He now has a respectable custom motorcycle shop doing painting and meets his neighbor, Tessa one night as she is looking for her friends lost cat outside. She is a bit startled by his appearance--long hair, grim reapers tattoos but is surprised when he gets a bowl of milk to coax out the kitty. She recognizes him for who he is and tells her best friends Amy and Rachel, who happens to be Mikes fiancee.Lucky and Tessa start up a flirtation via their back decks and Lucky hires Tessa, an interior decorator, to make his home more "normal". If you have read the previous books, this book starts off much slower in the romance department than those ones but as Tessa and Luckys continue their flirtation, Lucky always pulls away for fear of his past coming back to haunt him. Tessa decides to take matters into her own hands and the results are smokin as Toni Blake does so superbly!Ah, the emotion in this book is off the charts for me. When Lucky and Mike and later Lucky and his parents, it will make you hope, cry, smile and even cringe a bit (Mike has quite a few issues with Lucky leaving like he did). And the love between Tessa and Lucky, while a bit slow starting up, is beautiful. When Lucky tells Tessa he loves her, so sweet and tender. I love the back story on why their little area they live in is called Whisper Falls and the words they whisper to each other are perfect. This whole book is perfect in fact. I can not wait to buy it and read it again and add it to my keeper shelf. Big big 5 stars!I received this ebook via (Thank you!)Side note: Ms Blake has mentioned that this series can be read as a stand alones and while it can, I recommend reading at least the previous book, Sugar Creek to get a bit of Mikes backstory and if you can read One Reckless Summer to meet Jenny and Mick, who pop up as well you should. They are both wonderfully, emotional 5 star reads.

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