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A Rake's Midnight Kiss (Sons of Sin)

A Rake's Midnight Kiss - Anna Campbell I thoroughly enjoyed this smoldering romance by one of my favorite authors! Genevieve Barrett is tired of living in her father's shadow and is ready to break free and show the world who really writes up his academic articles by publishing her research on the mysterious Harmsworth Jewel. Unfortunately, the jewel was left to her by an aunt and Sir Richard Harmsworth wants it back for himself and will go to any means to obtain it back...even steal. When the break in goes awry, he is drawn to the prickly Genevieve and devises a new plan that involves going undercover to seduce the lady and get the jewel back. What he does not expect is to have Genevieve help him find himself and fall hard for her. When a vile threat poses too great of a risk to Genevieve's life, Richard knows he must tell her the truth before it is too late. Will Genevieve be able to forgive the deceit and hurt that Richard has caused?Reading an Anna Campbell romance is always guaranteed to make me smile, blush and devour the book to fast and wish I had not! This book accomplished all of that and more! I adored Genevieve with her appealing, clever, prickly demeanor she is just the right woman to help Richard see past the views of society to the man he truly is. She can see that his heart is heavily guarded due to his mothers indiscretion that lead to his birth and it has shaped him into the man he is today. Richard has grown up with being sneered at in society as all of society knows he is not the true heir, even if he was accepted by his father. She finds herself misjudging him just as everyone else has done but she gradually sees him for the kind, brave, perceptive handsome man he is. The only thing that really bothered my about the wonderful story was the deception. I understand why Richard did what he did but it is always a touchy subject for me, especially when he choose to finally reveal his true identity to Genevieve. I thought the villain aspect was well done and worked well within this story. Anna Campbell writes with her usual lush descriptions and smoldering passion and I got swept away by the delicious romance of Richard and Genevieve! 4 starseARC provided by Grand Central Publishing via netgalley

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