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Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower - Eloisa James Gowan Stoughton of Craigiever, Duke of Kinross, is organized and precise and everything follows a routine, just as it has for years. Knowing it is time to marry, when he meets the lovely Lady Edith Gilchrist and dances with her and finds her serene and likeable, he promptly asks for her hand in marriage. Edie, who was suffering from a high fever and was not quite herself the day of the ball, or after when she agreed to the marriage, finds herself betrothed to a man she knows nothing about. They exchange a few letters and Edie finds herself vastly relieved to find out Gowan has a sense of humor and that they seem to rub along well together. Passion quickly blooms and after they marry...disaster strikes. While they are compatible outside the bedroom, inside the bedroom is another story. Edie finds herself reaching out to her stepmother and when the truth of the matter reaches back to Gowan, tempers explode and hurtful words are spoken and leave a damaging impact. Determined to teach her husband a lesson, Edie retreats to the castles tower and awaits her husband. Will Gown realize how much his words hurt and help bridge the gap with Edie?Eloisa James' take on Rapunzel, with a bit of Romeo and Juliet thrown in as well, was a delight to read, plain and simple. The build up to Edie locking herself in the tower was very well done and thought out. I loved how straightforward she was to not just Gowan but his regimented staff as well. I absolutely loved her dedication to her cello and learning little snippets of how to care for a cello and such (a whole separate carriage was needed just to carry it). She takes no arguments from anyone and this is new to Gowan as everyone has always done what he says without question. He leads a very ordered life and reveals his true heart and feelings to almost noone. The heartbreak that follows his terrible words to Edie is raw and emotional. I also really enjoyed a secondary storyline involving Edie's father and stepmother. Edie has a close relationship with her stepmother and that was a pleasant experience to read! This was one of my favorite stories so far by the esteemed Eloisa James. Heartbreak, laughter, joy and determination make a sigh worthy romance that is sure to please many romance fans! 4 1/2 starseARC provided by Avon Books via edelweiss

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