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Summer Is for Lovers - Jennifer McQuiston

This was another refreshing, light hearted romance from the up and coming Jennifer McQuiston! While I did not like it quite as much as her debut, What Happens in Scotland, I really loved that this was set in Brighton and the entire aspect of swimming. Our heroine, Caroline, grew up in Brighton swimming in a secluded cove and when she rescues a man one day, her heart is lost to him forever. Daniel has demons that he keeps locked up tight and feels he is not good enough for the willful, eccentric Caroline so he pushes her away, even though it pains him.

While this book was enjoyable, I did feel like it all moved just a bit too slow. There is plenty of simmering tension between Caroline and Daniel but I really just wanted to smack Daniel upside the head and tell him to move on from his grief to this wonderful woman waiting for him. I really enjoyed the addition of Caroline's sister, Penelope and hope to see her get her own happily ever after! What makes this story stand out is the attention to detail regarding swimming in this era and that makes this book a real treat. Delightful and charming, this is a story about acceptance and finding yourself stronger with a partner. I eagerly look forward to more even though this one lacked a bit for me. 3 1/2 stars


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