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True Spies

True Spies - Shana Galen When her husband, Baron Winslow Keating, fails to show up to take her to a ball yet again, Elinor has had enough. She dons her most daring gown and goes to the ball alone and in the process, turns a new leaf. She is ready for some adventure, some passion to be brought back into her life. Elinor wants to feel needed more than planning balls and taking care of her daughters and if her husband fails to realize that, then maybe she should consider the attention of a new gentleman. Winn is flabbergasted by the new changes in Elinor. When he sees her in her daring gown he can hardly believe this is the same meek woman he married years ago. And she talks back to him! He finds himself jealous of the fact she seems to be turning to another man and he knows it is finally time to quit his secret double life as a spy. Unfortunately, a master criminal is closer than ever and when he grabs onto Elinor, Winn knows he will do whatever it takes to get her back and prove how much she means to him.I know whenever I settle in with a Shana Galen romance I will be swept away by the adventure and romance and True Spies is no exception! I really loved the fact that this is a romance about rekindling the magic of a marriage. I also really enjoyed watching Elinor blossom from a biddable wife into a vocal, passionate woman. Her thirst for adventure takes her much father than she ever thought she would go but it brings her back to Winn. I also admired how the truth was handled when Winn finally told her his reasons for all his absences throughout the years. I thought the struggles between Winn and Elinor were believable and not quickly resolved and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this couple rediscover each other! The ending is a continuous stream of heart-pounding action and chases and I felt a bit sad when it was all over. I also loved seeing more of Lord and Lady Smythe from Lord and Lady Spy and I am so anxious for the next book to see what happens next!! This was another rollicking, laugh-out-loud, sexy and adventurous romance from one of my favorite go-to authors for smart and sexy adventures in the romance world! 4 solid starseARC provided by Sourcebooks via netgalley

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